Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Current Working Buddy

Mur Murs
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This is our cat Mur murs. She will be 10 in July. With me being home more and working at the kitchen table alot she has decided she needs to be part of the action. So she keeps me company while I craft or work on the computer. I think she is really loving the attention since Bruno can not get on the table and try and play with her. Plus the sun shines right in the kitchen window and I put a little cushion on the table so she can take a nap when the feeling takes her over. She is a wonderful cat. I am so happy to have her company.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January Icicles

Jan. icicles
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We have about 6-7 inches of snow and more to come tonight supposedly. You can't trust that weather man though. LOL Thought I would share this picture I took of the icicles on our house tonight. The girls are just dying to take them down lick them.

I worked on some networking today with a new store that is opening up downtown. It sounds like just what I am looking for: you have your own space- big to just a table. Put your items in and decorate your way, pay your rent and then they take 13% of sales. I have a meeting with them on Monday morning so I can look at the space and see what is available. She also wants me to bring a portfolio so you you know what I will be working on for the rest of the week. I also want to be sure to bring some real stuff in too so she can see the texture and intricacies of my items. Wish me luck.....

I have a site that I check out every few day that is done by a talented artist that I have sort of stalked since she started. Her name is Ali Edwards and on her post today she linked to

All you have to do is watch a video or two and the band "Five For Fighting" will donate to the cause of the videographers choice. It doesnt cost you a thing, but it helps others. I love that! Do your good deed for today and check it out..........

Monday, January 28, 2008

Is It Really Monday?

The picture today is one of a typical bath time in our house. A little cleanlines while getting in some snorkeling....How fun is that? LOL

claire & mia
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This weekend flew by. We got about 6 inches of snow so we holed up in my art studio- the kitchen table- and did some super craftyness. I managed to get three items done for my etsy shop and the girls made some tissue paper flowers for Colleen. They also played in the snow for a couple of hours.

I have also been working on my shop profile and reading alot about how to market it. One thing I am seriously considering is changing my shop name to ALTERED REALITY since I alter so many items for the site. What do you think? Could you email me or leave a comment below so I can get your input? Thanks for your consideration in advance.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Little Girl

Claire almost 7
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She was hugging me and said " I could do this all day." Just when I was going to say "Will you stay like this all day." I love this little girl.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A little test with a cute photo

Bruno at the Coast 2007
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For those of you that have not met Bruno or have not seen him in awhile here he is in all his Frenchie splendor at the beach in Newport, Oregon.

Friday Evening

Friday is always my favorite day, at least when the work day is over. LOL It means that I have next 5 days to work on my little business.

Guess what? I sold something today!!!! Feeling very happy about that right now. I will be sending it out to the new owner on Monday. Yippee!!!! I hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful thing. One of my friends at work (Cynthia) checked out my blog and shop last night and gave me some positive feedback and some good ideas. I admire her opinion so that was nice to hear.

Tomorrow (Sat.) the girls have birthday parties to attend and I will be doing a little treasure hunting while the parties are going on. I will be on the hunt for vintage goodies so check out my shop to see what I find........

I read a great article in Oprah's magazine about raising children to be resilient. That it is more important to teach them to work hard on something, than teaching them that anything they do is great. None of us is great at everything, yet some parents tend to praise their children even when they have not really done anything to earn the praise thinking that this will strengthen their self esteem. When actually it makes them less motivated to succeed. This made so much sense to me and reinforced my belief that the right balance of encouragement with discipline will grow a child into a healthy adult. This goes along the line of the book Emotional Intelligence. Which I think we need to teach more emotional intelligence to our children so they can survive as adults.

Okay, that was my big insight for today. I hope you all have wonderful weekends, and that you can do a little something to help fulfill your creative spirit.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Etsy Listings Posted

Well, I had to work at my regular job today. It actually was much easier to go to work knowing that I have something else that is fulfilling me right now. Amazing what a little perspective can do, HUH? I managed to post 5 new listings at my etsy shop. I plan on making some more listings this weekend, and also doing some treasure hunting for vintage supplies to use and sell. All sort of little stuff, but atleast I am on the right track. I am off to watch Project Runway and then to sleep as I work at the Mammo job tomorrow too. Good night.......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the beginning.....

There was a girl that needed a career change. After doing mammograms as her job for the last 20, yes count them, TWENTY years, she was burnt out. Now everyone needs a mammogram once a year after they are forty, and my job is important, I know that, but it is time to do what I love. And to tell you the truth I am not in love with breasts anymore. LOL

So begins my new journey into the realm of building a business and counting on myself to make it happen. I have been talking and making notes about it for a long time and I just know now is the time to really give it the real college try. Part of the reason is I truly dislike my two day a week job and the other reason is that I need to learn to trust myself, count on myself, work through the fear of failure, and learn to be proud of my accomplishments and my creativity. It is time for a challenge and a time to grow, so here goes...............

First, I have an etsy site that I will post my handmade items for sale and possibly some found treasures. (see the link to the left) There are not any items on there as of today, but don't fret....I will have my first items up this weekend. I love making custom handmade items so I will make that an option too. If you click on the link to my photos on flickr and see something you like under things for sale- I can make it. Second, I also plan on putting my shingle out and trying to get some photo opportunities of families, kids, and animals. My family has been after me for awhile to try the photography so I will. Now, they say I am good at it, but does that mean that I am? We shall see. I don't have a fancy digital SLR or anything, but I do have a good eye... I think.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions you have about anything that I post. I love getting feed back about my creations. Thanks for being part of my journey.