Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sitting eating dinner the other night Claire blurts out, "Do you know what a cow pie is mom?"
I decide to humor her and say, "No, what is a cow pie?
"It's cow poop." She says with a look of disgust on her face.
And then she adds," Who eats that?"
My husband and I get a good laugh and explain that it isn't really a cow "pie". That they call it that because cow poop sometimes looks like the shape of a pie. LOL
My kids have been coming up with some good ones lately.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Little Bit Of Happiness in the Mail Today

These books were in my Po Box this morning when I went to check the mail? Now, at first I thought maybe I ordered them, but knowing the state of our finances right now I knew that was not the case. I then proceeded to get tears in my eyes right there in the post office with a very long line of people behind me. I am telling you that there could not have been a better time for these to arrive.

First let me explain- these were in my little wishpot that is over to the right on the side bar here. I decided to do the wishpot for myself so that I could remember things that I desired and would be able to go back and buy them when the money situation improves.

Well, the money situation has only gotten worse recently as my husband can not seem to find a job here in town. With the economy on its ear there just are not any jobs to be had in this tourist town in Oregon. So he has had to go down to California to work. This leaves me in the single mom category and it is possible that it will be a permanent solution to our troubles until the economy improves. We are one of the lucky families and I know this truly is a blessing. No matter how difficult the sacrifice, we can pay the bills etc. and I know a lot of families can not do that right now.

Unfortunately, all of these stresses have come at a very bad time for me personally as I suffer from depression and it seems that the depression decided to rear its ugly head just before the circumstances took a turn for the worst. My doctor and counselor have been working on getting my meds right but they are not right yet so I tend to be in bed a lot, unmotivated and irritated with myself because of it, which just brings me even deeper into the depression. I know that is a lot to share here, and I have been hesitant to say anything so I just have stayed away from my blog since all of this started. Not to mention that I have had no desire to do much of anything anyways.

Well, receiving these books as a gift from a secret angel was a little sunshine in my day. I do not have many bright spots right now and knowing that someone cares and would go to the trouble to make my day a happier one gives me a little more hope than I have had in quite some time. So if you are the angel and you are reading this- Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have know idea how much I needed that bit of cheer in my mail box right now.

Merci Beaucoup Little Angel...Merci Beaucoup

Monday, December 15, 2008

While putting up our Christmas tree last week -which by the way, took us two days to find- my husband was chatting with the girls about how it is so nice that the tree grew for us and that we need to thank it for being our tree etc.... and then for some reason he asked if they thought it was a boy tree or a girl tree and my 6 year old says," Dad, it has to be a girl tree or it would have a pee pee hanging off the bottom." Geez Dad, how did you not know that? LOL