Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Evening

Friday is always my favorite day, at least when the work day is over. LOL It means that I have next 5 days to work on my little business.

Guess what? I sold something today!!!! Feeling very happy about that right now. I will be sending it out to the new owner on Monday. Yippee!!!! I hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful thing. One of my friends at work (Cynthia) checked out my blog and shop last night and gave me some positive feedback and some good ideas. I admire her opinion so that was nice to hear.

Tomorrow (Sat.) the girls have birthday parties to attend and I will be doing a little treasure hunting while the parties are going on. I will be on the hunt for vintage goodies so check out my shop to see what I find........

I read a great article in Oprah's magazine about raising children to be resilient. That it is more important to teach them to work hard on something, than teaching them that anything they do is great. None of us is great at everything, yet some parents tend to praise their children even when they have not really done anything to earn the praise thinking that this will strengthen their self esteem. When actually it makes them less motivated to succeed. This made so much sense to me and reinforced my belief that the right balance of encouragement with discipline will grow a child into a healthy adult. This goes along the line of the book Emotional Intelligence. Which I think we need to teach more emotional intelligence to our children so they can survive as adults.

Okay, that was my big insight for today. I hope you all have wonderful weekends, and that you can do a little something to help fulfill your creative spirit.

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