Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Wedding

    Here we are.....the blessed couple getting married May 25, 2013. We have been engaged for two years and finally everything is coming together for the big day. We are both really excited about it. Which is really funny because neither of us thought we would ever get married again. After my divorce I would tell my friends it would take someone really special to change my mind about getting married. When I said it I truly believed there was not a man in the world that would treat me the way I felt I deserved to be treated. And then Mr. MM found me again. 28 years after we first dated in in High School and he still held me in his heart.  There is not a day that goes by that we are not aware of how blessed we are. We realize that most people do not ever experience this big amazing love that we share. We are so happy and content and we talk about how we wish everyone we love could have this type of love because everyone deserves to have it. Even if they don't think they do. 

As I am planning this special day wonderful things have been happening. People are giving us help both with their hands, hearts, time and talents. One of my very dear friends since grade school said she would photograph it for us. She is an artist with her photography. We are so blessed that we will view our wedding through her eyes. The day I called the florist she had just canceled a huge wedding for the same date as ours because the bride was difficult to work with. The next day I met with her and we hit is off instantly. We just fit. If that makes sense? The above bouquet is the inspiration for my own bouquet. Can not wait to see what one of a kind creation Sara at Blue Daffodil creates for me. She is so talented. 

Our wedding day is a holiday weekend so I was worried that the vendors I was hoping for would not be available due to being booked already. But everything is easily falling into place. We are having a small wedding with only 20 or so people- Mr. MM keeps adding people so that is why I say, or so. I have an appointment with The Cake Lady, Linda on Friday. I can not wait to do the tasting and designing. I only wish Mr. was with me. I love this cake above. We will do it with real flowers though. 

We needed to find a nice outdoor spot for the ceremony and Sara the florist recommended we look at Looney Bean coffee shop. It is right on the river and next door to the Pine Tavern where we will have dinner after the ceremony. Brent is the owner/operator there and a very kind person. After a few phone calls we worked together with a little compromise on both our parts and a lot of generosity on his part and we now have an amazing ceremony venue right on the river and an indoor back up plan in case it rains. If you are local and have not been there you must go. The coffee is amazing too. The folks at the Pine Tavern have been very accomodating and easy to work with also.The above photos are inspiration for our dinner table. 

It feels as if every step of the way we have been blessed while planning our special day. It all makes me think of this quote......

“If you send out goodness from yourself, or if you share that which is happy or good within you, it will all come back to you multiplied ten thousand times...........The more love you give away, the more love you will have.” 

I truly believe this in life and in love. My friends and family have always described me as lucky or that I have an angel on my shoulder watching out for me. This may be true, but I also like to think that sometimes, if you make a good and right choice selflessly out of love, that love and kindness come back to you. I also find that the more I let go of outcomes and trying to control how something happens the better the outcome is. Sort of like letting the universe have control or as some people would say God or a Higher Power. The older I get the more I let go and the better my life is. And it is just getting better every day.