Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Latest Creations and a Monumental Event Captured On Camera

A card I made yesterday that was inspired by the quail running around our new cottage. There are atleast 30-40 of the little things. I hope we get to see some babies once we move in.
Some birthday gift tags I made with those tea stained tags I made a few days ago. I did a mixed media challenge over here- They post a new theme for the challenge every Friday. It has been a great place for me to meet like minded ladies.
I made this about a month ago and kept forgetting to photograph it. I finally did today. I thought it would be sweet in a little girls room.
One of the many birthday cards I made today with my vintage postcard collection. I added some glitter and attached them to a card that is blank inside.
And last but not least by any stretch of the imagination...........the first time our 10 yr. old cat Mur Murs has actually, almost, touched Bruno. We have had him for about 9 months and she generally hisses and wacks at him with her paws. But lately she has been more tolerant and even teasing him a little. So yesterday I caught this on camera and just had to share. They were sort of, almost, cuddling. I hope this is the beginning of a long and loving relationship.

Bruno in Bed

Bruno in Bed
Originally uploaded by MyTangerineDreams
Is my dog totally spoiled or what? This is him all snuggled up for a night of sleep on the couch. Too much! LOL

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look What We Found In The Wall

A full magazine
From 1920
When ladies still wore corsets!
Not to mention the lovely fashions
And the advertising is a feast for the eye. Not sure how I will use it? But I do know I will. The images are wonderful and it really gives you an idea of what it was like to be a woman in 1920. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful peice of vintage. And from the walls of our very own cottage. I suppose that helps to date our home also?

We live in what is called the Old Mill District. Most of the homes were built for families or individuals that worked at the now extinct lumber mill here in town. As most of you know our cottage is only about 850 sq. ft. And that is with weird little spaces that have been added on over the years. I wonder who lived here when it was new? Was it just one man, or a family like ours? He would have been able to walk to work from here and walk downtown to where all the action was, and still is.

We love our little cottage, but will be time to move on to a larger space very soon. Not much larger really, but one that includes a studio that is all mine. (Not the kitchen table like I use now). We will still be living in a cottage. And it is only about a mile from here. There is about 950 sq. ft. involved. All being renovated by my husband at the moment. A larger yard. Plain ole more space for our family of 4 to move around in, yet still have the coziness that we enjoy now. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and I hope to post before and after pictures for you. You will be amazed how ugly this new cottage is- I mean, it is painted purple with pink trim, how could it get worse than that? I promise to get a picture of it before it is painted over. You just have to see it to believe it!! LOL New paint inside, new floors, new carpet, new fixtures etc. It even needed all new wiring and plumming. Quite a job for a man of one without much help.

So that is the big news. I finally get my very own studio room. It is actually quite large too. I get to paint the floors in a checker board pattern, and pretty much decorate however I want from the floor up. Yippea!!!! I can't wait to have all that space to create in, to get my sewing machine out, to paint, and alter, and just plain enjoy all the elbow room!!

Some Loverlies for my Etsy Shop

Thought it was about time that I show everyone what I did with my tead stained tags. I have decided to share some of my vintage trims with the masses. I will hopefully get more in my shop in the next couple of days. Hope all is well in your cyber land. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Tea" Stained ShippingTags Tutorial

So yesterday I decided to "tea" stain some of my shipping tags and thought, "I should share how to do this on my blog tomorrow." I took pictures of each stage so I could share them with you.

1) Buy the shipping tags- I get mine at Staples. They are not expensive and I usually buy them
in a small package of 50.

2) Make a Strong pot of coffee- yes, I said coffee. I tried using tea and it wasn't strong enough so I switched to coffee. We always french press our coffee and that makes a stronger brew.

3) Pour your coffee into a large sauce pan/skillet like the one I use below. And then add your tags. I leave them in there for about an hour stirring occasionally to mix them into the stronger coffee that settles to the bottom.

4) Take the tags out of the coffee and place them on a paper towel. When I do this I usually use my fingers like a squeege and take the excess liquid off. Especially if I want them to dry faster. I also sometimes just leave them as is so the coffee stain is a bit darker. It just depends on my mood and what the tags look like when they come out of the coffee. I also will sprinkle some coffee on the tags once they are on the paper towel just to add some darker areas.

5) I then place them in the microwave for about 1 minute. Give or take depending on the amount of tags and how wet they are.

6) They will come out a little wrinkled so I then place them inbetween the pages in a large hardback book, close it up and place a heavy object on top. Let it stand for atleast half the day or overnight. That should get some of the wrinkling out.
And viola- beautiful "tea" stained vintagy tags to embellish. Much prettier than the original ones you bought wouldn't you say?

I will post what I did with this set on my next post. Until then, I have another little prayer for the day-


I'm too busy today to take time for lunch. But I am aware of your presence even now. Thank you for standing by me in this zoo called my life.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Dreaming of Venice Today

Fooling around with some of the pictures I took while in Europe. Thought I would share one. Don't you wish you were there waiting in line to ride it? I do. Here is my little prayer for today-

It's Monday and I hope I've
won the lottery. But I doubt it
since I haven't played. GIve me
the motivation, strength, patience,
and wisdom I need to do a good job,
today and throughout the week.

Now you know that you need to say it too. Just admit it, say it, and be done with it. I swear it will brighten your day no matter if it is monday, tuesday, wednesday or so on.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

For the Birds

I made this collage with a challenge prompt from the mixed media and paper art group at Etsy Cottage Style where I am a member-

I am also a member of their street team. If you love cottage style as I do, you can go to

and browse by searching for CSST (cottage style street team). You will find all sorts of handmade cottagey items for your home or to give as gifts or use in your art work.

This little spring bird is happy as a lark sitting on her perch above my studio table at the moment. Not sure if I am willing to give her up or give up my bird collage. Will have to think on that for a few days.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Claire & Mia at sunset

Claire & Mia at sunset
Originally uploaded by MyTangerineDreams
I took this picture during our latest trip to the Oregon coast. Not much to say lately for some reason. I guess I am just too busy with my secret surprise, LOL. So I thought a photo would suffice today. I hope you have experienced a moment like this lately and that you were able to capture it with your camera.

"If you don't know where you are going, you can never get lost."
-Herb Cohen-

Right now it feels as if I don't know where I am going and I still feel lost. Hmmmm...............

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

By Lori at

4 movies I'd watch over and over:
Pride & Prejudice
My Fair Lady
Sense & Sensibility

4 Places I have lived:
Santa Cruz, California
Bend, Oregon
Burlingame, Califonia
Bend, Oregon

4 Shows I watch:
Americas Next Top Model
Top Chef
Masterpiece Theatre
Project Runway

4 Places I have been:

4 People who e-mail me:

4 Things i love to eat:
Ice cream
Cafe Yumm
Baked Potatoes

4 Places I'd rather be:
Oregon Coast

4 Things I look forward to this year:
Visiting Our Friends in Southern California
Taking the Girls to Disneyland for the First Time
My Little Shop Booth Opening
Having a larger studio space to work in.

Ummm ya, I am suppose to tag 4 people and I am worse than Lori in that regard. I will have to get back to you on those.

It Was Not Meant to be

This sweet little girl was possibly coming home with us today. But alas, it did not work out the way we had hoped. She is so so sweet and would have been a great addition to the family. We are sad, but hopeful that the right addition will come along at the right time. I am praying that she finds a home soon as she really does not like being at the shelter. She would be the perfect companion for an elderly person. All she wants to do is follow humans around and give them love. She is not very interested in anything else really. She is a good listener and would pick up commands quite quickly I am sure. She has those sad puppy dog eyes and and is as gentle as can be. If you know someone in the Central Oregon area that needs a companion please mention her to them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not enough time for the big reveal.....

But look for it tomorrow afternoon. It is sure to be a fun moment for us.

Big News Today

Here is a little hint...............

Give it a click and feed some lucky dogs at our local humane society
Then stay tuned for picture updates later tonight. See you then.

Monday, April 7, 2008


So this happens to be my daughters name too, and we seriously talked about that before deciding on her name. But today I want to say sorry for not posting over the last few days. We have been busy working on some surprising news that I will share as it comes to fruition. It is personal and not business related. Although, it will help me with studio space....thats a hint, LOL!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Paris in Springtime

Can't you just see me shopping at the flea markets wearing this so pretty outfit with the sandals and hip handbag? This is all virtual reality so I am also youing and 30 lbs thinner than I am in real life, LOL

Ignore those random side pictures.....This did not come out the way I thought it would as it was my first time using this cool site:


I thought it would just be that big, main image that I made. Oh well, I will do better next time. Which I know there will be more next times at this place. It is so addicting. I love that it makes doing digital design so easy. If only I could figure out how to do it on my own computer. Some day I plan to learn more about doing digital design, but for now I have more pressing matters.