Friday, February 1, 2013

Spread Joy

      I am the type of person that gets joy from giving joy. One of the things I love about the blog world is that there are like minded people out there that want to spread joy. I love seeing little acts of kindness in the world whether it be the cyber world or the real world.

     In our town we have a lot of public art and frequently someone will put a scarf or hat on a sculpture and decorate deer sculptures at Christmas time. Here are some examples of a few of the 30 plus installations we have-

Art by Richard Beyer

Big Ears by Joe Halko

Migration by Hai Ying Wu

     This always makes me smile so I wanted to find a way to make others smile and for them to pass it on.  I found this little joy spreader download over at I doctored it up with a link to my blog and will have these little joy spreaders in my car with some tacks so I can post them all over Bend. It is a small gesture that only took a few minutes to make and print out. Guaranteed to make some people smile with joy!

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