Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Alaska

     Today I thought I would share about our cabin in Alaska. It is about 40 minutes from Ninilchik, AK which is on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage. We are about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Homer. The cabin was pretty much just a shell and Jess (my fiance) has worked hard to make it more livable. We have running water, a wood stove for heat, even hot water.But an outhouse is necessary for a bit longer. No internet, TV, and hardly any cell service. It is very peaceful, and beautiful like nothing I have ever experienced.We crave it and are unable to be there as much as we would like to.Everyone should see Alaska at least once in their lifetime. I am blessed to have this place to visit as often as we want to.

     We have some amazing friends that have cabins up there too. Just wonderful, down to earth, no smoke and mirrors friends. It's hard to find good people like these. We pretty much hop around from cabin to cabin every night laughing, dancing, fire pit talking, eating and drinking too much. 

Here are some photos I took back in July 2012-

I call these puffs. They are every where. I have not seen them
anywhere but in Alaska. 

Our friends Renee and Scott. Great people to have in our lives. 

This is Renee and Scott's fire pit and their sauna in the background. 

The firepit over at our friends Brian and Cindy's. Always a fun time
drinking too much and laughing even more. This was at 10 pm!

Our Cabin

Our Backyard

I took this at about 11pm 

The View of Our Mountain. See the Heart on the Top?

Sunset From The Cabin at 1 am

Homer, Alaska


Virginia Maxwell said...

Makes me want to go to alaska even more after reading about the fun at your cabin. Look forward to reading more from you. Going to check out your Etsy store now,I collect buttons myself.

Christina said...

thanks for checking out my little blog. Alaska is amazing! I like to use the word majestic as it takes my breath away every time I fly into Anchorage. The mountains are HUGE compared to ours in Central Oregon. I have only listed one set of my vintage buttons. I have like 75 more sets to list so keep checking back. So happy to read that you are doing so well after such a scary time. xo