Saturday, May 3, 2008

Turning Trash Into Cash- 1920's Style

This is an article in that awesome Vintage Magazine we found in the wall of our little cottage. I thought it was very timely with the current reduse, reuse, recycle theme we have in our lives nowadays. Isn't it wonderful?

That is another thing I love about vintage items and shopping at Thrift Stores and Flea Markets. It helps me feel that I am shopping in a more earth friendly manner by reusing old items maybe in a different way, or maybe just recycling them by using them in my art work. It is my little way of helping to save the planet. Along with the major recycling we do with our trash at home. I also like this way of shopping as it is my way of staying out of the American Materialism of more is better, and if I have more I am a more worthy, powerful person. I really despise this about our culture. I know despise is a strong word, but after my trip to Europe it made me even more aware of how materialistic our society is and how that greediness is really killing our planet.

Does any of this thinking ring true for you?


High Desert Diva said...

I know every little bit helps. It is the only planet we have.

That magazine was found by the right person!

KhrisW said...
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KhrisW said...

Thanks for the recommendation but there's something about Topsy (based on, that is) in there so it would bum me out for weeks. My friend said that the bad guy got 'his' but it would still bum me out.

Here's a good book, a thriller called "The White City" I believe. It is based on the same time frame. I'm reading 'Tell Me Where it Hurts" right now and that's a great book.

We have one bag of trash once a week, the rest is recycled. You'd highly approve of our family!

lizzyl said...

yes. i try to think about that before i buy something--there is always something new to want but maybe i already have what i need.