Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Latest Creations and a Monumental Event Captured On Camera

A card I made yesterday that was inspired by the quail running around our new cottage. There are atleast 30-40 of the little things. I hope we get to see some babies once we move in.
Some birthday gift tags I made with those tea stained tags I made a few days ago. I did a mixed media challenge over here- They post a new theme for the challenge every Friday. It has been a great place for me to meet like minded ladies.
I made this about a month ago and kept forgetting to photograph it. I finally did today. I thought it would be sweet in a little girls room.
One of the many birthday cards I made today with my vintage postcard collection. I added some glitter and attached them to a card that is blank inside.
And last but not least by any stretch of the imagination...........the first time our 10 yr. old cat Mur Murs has actually, almost, touched Bruno. We have had him for about 9 months and she generally hisses and wacks at him with her paws. But lately she has been more tolerant and even teasing him a little. So yesterday I caught this on camera and just had to share. They were sort of, almost, cuddling. I hope this is the beginning of a long and loving relationship.


Shadow Cutting said...

Creative and nice artworks! Great blog!

Lori said...

I love this! I'm so glad you found a weekly challenge group that fits you! Oh, you must take a picture of the quail at your cottage! What a cool critter to have running around. I know that we have quail in Indiana, but i've never seen one, personally. Once again, Bruno wrapped up like a burrito is cracking me up!

KhrisW said...

So what is your favorite book? I liked some of the books you have on the side there but haven't read all of them. Can you recommend one that you think is very good?

Where'd you find your dog collar for Sweet Bruno? I'm curious! You've checked out by now. I think I've sent it to you before, but I could be wrong.
Thanks for your uplifting words. I'm just sad about the prednisone and a few other things but tomorrow is another day.... Hugs! Khris

Holly said...

Thanks so much for checking out my blog...I love to meet other Frenchie lovers that are also into the whole paper arts gig! Bruno is freakin' adorable! Love that photo, and all of your creations! I'll definitely be back to read more! :0)

KhrisW said...

I forgot to mention that I also have PMDD. PMS, whatever. It sucks. I just get pretty quiet and mope. It's stupid. It drives me crazy and I've tried about everything. I'm on YAZ, that helps a bit.

Thanks for the link, I love the fabric collars because, as you know, their necks are short. When I take his collar off, I always say "Ahhh, isn't that better?" : )