Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scrapbooking, What is That???

A look inside my frig. I thought this was a fun challenge over at the Overlooked challenge blog- So I joined in. I never would have thought about taking a pic of whats inside my frig. Sort of weird thing to scrapbook, but also could be interesting some day to look back on.

This is my coffee mug shot. With some journaling. I have not scrapbooked in probably over 3.5 years so it was a challenge to get in the right frame of mind. I don't think I am quite finished with these yet. Especially now that I see them up here on the computer screen. They are lacking a bit of something, just not sure what it is yet.
So now you know some more fun facts about me and my life. I also have the next challenge to attend to which involves the T.V. I have a photo or two and will work on the journaling next. I'll be sure to share it all here as the challenges go along. It is only one theme a month so that keeps it doable with all the other challenges I am trying to be involved in. Not to mention the rest of my busy life. Sure is fun though. Salut!

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KhrisW said...

That's really cool, Christina! You did it. I'll do the one about dvds/tv shows, etc.

Thanks for coming and visiting with me over at my blog. Nobody's name comes up unless they put in in the journaling box so make sure you do, so I know who it is. Otherwise, I have to go and look at the 'comments' section. Typepad drives me crazy for that reason alone. Now, if you were on Typepad instead of Blogger, I'd see your name. Anyway, you make my day when you post comments so keep them coming!

Your work is wonderful, love it, love it, love it!