Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flood in Our Basement, AARRGGGHHH........

Well, the title pretty much says it all. It was my first day of watering the back yard and I guess one of the pipes to the spiggot broke in the basement. I had been watering for about an hour and just happened to start cleaning the back deck off of stuff that needs to go to the Thrift store. I decided to put some of the stuff down in the basement, thankfully, and came into about 5-6" of water.

Lets just say first I had a bit of a panic attack and started taking my most prized antiques from my Nannies house up the stairs. I then realized I better turn the water off, DUH! Then I called my husband crying and he came to the rescue with his shop vac and my brother. They vaccuumed out the basement and there really wasnt much lost. Mostly stuff I was going to give to the Thrift store anyhow. Phew! So we now have a dehumidifier going to make sure everything is very dry. My prized and most loved stuff is on the back deck in fine condition and I was able to save some of the girls baby clothes that got soaked.

I just feel like I was blessed to have the notion to go down there and find the flood right away. My little angel was talking to me as usual. Taking care of me and my family. I believe that angel is my Nanny and sometimes my Poppy. My mom has said that I have had an angel on my shoulder since I was a little girl. I just havent always listened, LOL!

So the really good part of the flood was that one of the boxes that did get wet was a long lost box of some gorgeous vintage stuff I brought back from my Nannies in Connecticut after she passed away. And as you can see this little coffee thermos/carafe is now coming in handy on our counter. Isn't it great? There was also my silverware, two Roseville pottery pots, salt and pepper shakers, a couple of silver trivets, a lace doily my Great Grandmother made, and a couple of old vases. What a box of treasures. All wet, but dry now.


High Desert Diva said...

Have to say...I don't miss the basement in our 1925 cottage for that very reason!

I'm so glad you were able to salvage all the important treasures.

The box of goodies from your grandmother, especially.

J$ said...

Water can be your best friend and your worst enemy! Glad your Roseville Pottery (and other treaures) are ok.

Lori said...

There's nothing like a water emergency to help you get the basement cleaned out! so glad you didn't lose anything important! I also believe in angels. They are everywhere!