Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Day In Paradise

I put these three kits together today after the kids left for school. It was definitely time to share some of my vintage ephemera with others. I am starting to overflow my work area with all the vintage goodness I have found lately.
I met with the manager of the new store that I will be a part of and I am set in stone (or wall space) for my items to be included. Just need to fax the lease back to her and give her the $$$.
I even found the find of all finds today. A perfectly pink, just the right size, cabinet/shelving for my display space. Very vintagy-shabby chic looking. I got the goosebumps when I saw it and it was marked down to $80 from $200. WHaaaaatttt!!!! It will picked up by my ever so helpful and handy husband tomorrow and I will get some pics for you this weekend. I am almost in shock that all of this is happening finally. I have been wanting to take the plunge for so long and here I am.
I also signed up for a class on Starting Your Small Business- Secrets to Success. Just what I need to get things going on the right track!
I hope you are feeling you are on the right track today. Tack the plunge and the risk- whatever it may be. I just know it will be worth it!

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