Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alaska- A New Place For My Heart

    I am taking a break in my story to let you all know that Alaska is in my future. In less than 2 weeks I get to meet my fiance ( A.K.A Mr. Mountain Man) up there and spend time at our cabin hanging with great friends while we look for our second home in the town of Soldotna and get Mr. Mountain Man --from here on out known as Mr. MM-- signed up for University of Alaska. The best part is the time I get to spend with Mr. MM of course, but boy I can not wait to get to our little cabin in the hills and snuggle up to a fire, listen to some good music, have a glass of wine and put my nose into a really good long book- Anna Karenina here I come.

     There may be a lot of changes happening in our lives that can be stressful at times but being in Alaska more often is definitely a HUGE bonus in this new adventure we are taking. I am feeling very grateful that I have a partner that takes things one day at a time and doesn't lose his cool when the going gets tough. He cheers me on when I get anxious and reminds me daily that with our love and team work we can do anything.

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