Sunday, August 24, 2008

Patricks Point Camping

Here are some photos of the gorgeous campground we stayed in on the California coast. Not only was it right on the water, but it was also in the Redwoods! Talk about magical! There were all sorts of little paths with bridges and wonderful views. The coastline here is more rugged like the Oregon coast.
The light was perfect and the weather could not have been better. Some of the other campers said it was the best weather they had had all week. And we only stayed two days. What luck!
This is a rock that I found on the beach. I was facinated with the 'X' that nature had made. It didn't seem natural and yet it was so interesting and pretty too.
This is the view right down the way from our camp site. We were also happy to have seen two whales while hiking. One was a grey whale and the other a hump back. Fun was had by all.

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