Friday, August 22, 2008

Frenchie That Can Swim

This is all news to our family. We were told that most Frenchies can not swim. That their heads are too heavy and they sink. We have always had a life vest for Bruno for the boat and even just to go into the water with us to play. So this year at the lake we decided to test him out while just hanging out in the water one day. And lo and behold............this dog can swim! Who would have thought? Mr. B did a lot of snoozing whenever there was a free moment and he didn't think he was missing out on anything too fun. It was pretty hot, but he truly was not bothered by it like we thought he may be.
Check out how cute he is in his life jacket. He loved going for rides with us. Always with his life jacket on even though we now know he can swim. We won't take the chance in the boat.
And here he is getting ready for a dip in the lake. He just gets more handsome every day. I swear I took more pictures of him than I did the kids. The kids are moving and playing so it is hard to catch them sometimes. Bruno is as slow as a little old man and therefore easy to capture on film. He pretty much slept the whole way home after all the excitement at the lake. Everyone ooohhhs and ahhhs over him and he didnt want to miss a moment of it.


Holly said...

Bruno is so stinkin' cute! How did you manage to get a Frenchie that sleeps? Ours prefers to run around the house in circles at full-speed-ahead. And, she's terrified of the water. So, even with a life jacket that would be a no-go. LOL!

Christina said...

I am not sure how we lucked out in the Frenchie dept? I think our breeder was very good at fitting dogs with families. Brunos sis is super crazy. I am also starting to believe that the girls are more crazy than the boys, no?