Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Paris in Springtime

Can't you just see me shopping at the flea markets wearing this so pretty outfit with the sandals and hip handbag? This is all virtual reality so I am also youing and 30 lbs thinner than I am in real life, LOL

Ignore those random side pictures.....This did not come out the way I thought it would as it was my first time using this cool site:


I thought it would just be that big, main image that I made. Oh well, I will do better next time. Which I know there will be more next times at this place. It is so addicting. I love that it makes doing digital design so easy. If only I could figure out how to do it on my own computer. Some day I plan to learn more about doing digital design, but for now I have more pressing matters.


Lori said...

ooh la la! Tres chic! :-)

KhrisW said...

Thanks! I'll go check that out after I look at more of your pretty pictures.

KhrisW said...

I just tried it and mine sucked. Yours was way better. I sent the image to myself in an e-mail because I could not figure out how to save it any other way..... Rats! I know me though and I'll work at it until I figure it out or until you give me a hint : ). Ha ha.

Rossie said...

Looks like a neat site...I will go try it out. Although knowing that I am a computer ditz, it probably won't work! Love ya, and hope you are all doing great!!