Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag I'm It...

First I need you to check out the artist above from an etsy shop that I found. Is that not the sweetest painting of MY frenchie, LOL? No, it isn't Bruno, but pretty close. I love that the artist captured what I see when Bruno is waiting for a cookie!

So my new etsy friend over at tagged me and I am supposed to tell 5 things about myself, quirks or oddities, reference my tagger, and then tag 5 more bloggers and let them know they have been tagged by comment or email. I am sure I have more than 5 quirks or oddities so let me just choose some random ones.

1) I do not like pumpkin pie. I know that so many people love it and look forward to it around Thanksgiving. I can't stand it! When I was about 7 or 8 years old I got the stomach flu the day after Thanksgiving and I still can't get past that when it comes to the pumpkin pie. For some reason I have no problem with mashed potatoes though? And since we are on the food thing- I also don't like the metalic taste that pineapple tends to leave on my tongue.

2) I frequently have pajama days if the kids are home from school. They will get dressed, but I will stay in my jammies all day and just change into clean ones when it is time for bed. Only if we are not going anywhere, of course. I love my comfie jammies. I mostly have fleece and flannel for the winter and then will wear boxers and a tank top in the summer.

3) I let my cat up on the kitchen table. Now I know that sounds sort of gross, but my kitchen table is actually my studio/art table. We live in a 800 sq. ft. cottage so I really have no where else I can create until we add on to the house or I actually rent a studio space. Ummm...that will be atleast 2 years from now. We eat at the coffee table in the living room right now. We still all eat together so we figured that it didnt matter where as long as that didn't change. Oh the sacrifices my family has made for my art. LOL So my little kitty girl has her bed on one of the kitchen chairs and every once in a while if she needs some attention she jumps up and watches me create.
4) I don't like to be barefoot unless I am inside and then I have to have my shoes off. I will even take them off when I go into someone elses house. And yes, my toes are painted or I have socks withough holes. I do think of these things. No one is allowed to wear shoes in my house except my husband because he has the oddity of not wanting to be barefoot unless he is in the shower or in bed. LOL. I make him change into his slippers when he comes home though. And yes, we are of the opposites attract group when it comes to couples.

5) I am known to have anxiety attacks on roller coasters that go backwards, but I continue to try and ride them thinking that maybe this is the time I won't have one. For years I wouldn't even get on one and then in my 20's I liked riding them. Well, ever since having children, I have been getting panic attacks on them but only if they go backwards. Weird!

So now I need to do my tagging of others- I only know of 3 people to tag since I am new to the blog world.
-First, I will tag Lori at She is also a new blogging/etsy friend that is an extremely talented artist. I am so excited for her new book! Whoo Hoooo Lori!!

-Then Amber at Another friend from etsy and etsy vintage. She will have some great answers for us I am sure, LOL She always gets me giggling.

-Now Eddy at another friend from etsy vintage. She is full of knowledge of the best kind.

-I want to tag Lily/Khris over at but she may have already been tagged. I emailed her to ask.


The Nostalgic Nugget said...

You goober. Hmm..I will have to think about this..oddities..

...Actually Christina, I find you to be quite normal..oh ..wait.

KhrisW said...

Yes, I was tagged but it was for 7 random things! I loved reading yours. Thanks for tagging me, anyway. Check my blog for a new Hugo (my French Bulldog) layout. I hope you like it. Frenchies are wonderful!

KhrisW said...

I'm on your sidebar! That's so cool! Thanks. BTW, you're on mine too.

eddy said...

Guess I'll have to work on my blog now!! I have plenty of oddities to reveal, but you and Amber would have been my choices to tag and now what am I going to do? Random strangers?

The Nostalgic Nugget said...

Hey Eddy, hoping you will see this..I am working on an "untagged" blogger list on the kitchen board..wish me luck! Christina, I will be working on this when I get back..I think I have my quirks picked out. lol

The Nostalgic Nugget said...

Okie doklie lil Missy..I am all done. Hope the next week or so is good to you....remember...I will be checking in every couple of days!