Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Dream Come True

Last night Paul (my husband) got to race a modified race car at the Bakersfield Speedway in California. He was so excited when I spoke with him while he was on his way to the track. He sounded like a little boy getting ready to go to Disneyland for the first time. This is all he has been talking about for the last month. And to be honest, I sort of tune him out when he talks "race talk". I know, bad wifey.

He has always loved racing, and anything to do with cars. He used to race other guys when he was in High School, and he owned his own, very successful, auto repair shop when we lived in California. I used to go to the Nascar race with him in Napa and I did enjoy that, but it was also in a beautiful part of the country where we stayed in a fancy hotel, went out for fabulous dinners, and did some wine tasting. It sort of meshed our two personalities together. This new interest is at dirt tracks in the middle of no wheresville and I can't seem to force myself to go. Now, if he was driving I would go to watch him realize his dream, but he only drives in Bakersfield, CA and that is a 12 hour drive from our house. If you or your husband is a race fan- this is the same track that Kevin Harvick and Bill Elliott started racing on. So a pretty big deal. Bill Elliott still comes back and races once in a while.

Writing this makes me realize that I need to be more supportive of his dreams. He has been amazingly supportive of me starting my own business so it is my turn to step up to the plate and help him realize his dreams too. I am staying home with the girls while he is 900 miles away for the next two weeks. So that is supportive. I may even go to the local track with him this summer? It would be the right thing to do. Who knows, I may even have fun?

"When you are feeling depreciated, angry or drained, it is a sign that other people are not open to your energy." -Sanaya Roman

I want to remember this quote the next time Paul gets cranky. I want to be open to his dreams as he has been open to mine. I want to get excited for him and support him and even go to the race track with him. I do contribute to his world both positively and negatively. We do live under the same roof after all.

So today, I want you to think about how you can encourage the dreams of someone in your life. To take the focus off of your dream and realize that by helping others you are really helping yourself.

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Lori said...

Wow! My husband and son are huge NASCAR fans. Of course, we live in Indy, so auto racing is king here. What an awesome thing for your hubby to be able to do!
You are being very supportive...what a gift for him to be able to go there for 2 weeks with your blessing. That's great!
Did you have a creative weekend?