Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is one cutie patootie

Tessa Feb 2008 2
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So I had this wonderfully fun time taking pictures of my neice yesterday, and for some reason this picture just stood out to me. Why? I dont know. It is even a little blurry, but i really loooove, love, love it! Is it because she has super awesome catch lights (thats what they call the little flecks of light in her eyes), that she looks very babyish, or just the composition? I am not sure, but I know I love this one.

Today was another day at the bread and butter job. Not much fun but pays the bills right now. I pretty much spend all day wishing I was home at my studio table creating more for my store. I even have a note pad that I write ideas down on when they come to me. Pretty funny if you knew what I did for a living! LOL Lets just say it has something to do with imaging a part of the female body. Did you guess it?

So now I am off to bed because my hubby needs a back massage after shoveling waaayyy too much snow this week. The girls are in bed, but not asleep yet. And I am pretty sure I will be up late creating so my dreams in tangerine can become a reality.

***EDITED*** Hey, have you seen my little map over to the right and down a little? I have some international readers. Who'd of thunk? This is very exciting to me. Thank you to everyone who visits my little slice of life every day or so.

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