Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oooohhhh Pretties.......

This is what I got done today! Lots and lots of altered clothes pins! Did not take much time at all really. Of course they are not for hanging out my laundry to dry silly! They are for many other purposes, like clipping receipts together, or maybe helping to put some order to that bill pile. We use them at our house to keep chip bags closed. I just love to use something pretty when I can. Especially for those mundane things.

The other thing I got to do today was take loads of pictures of my sweet neice Tessa and my sis and bro in law. Although, Tessa was the star of my show. I think I got a few really good shots. Still playing around with them. I put my favs so far on my flickr site if you want to take a peak. There is a link to the right.

Tomorrow and Fri. are my bread and butter job days. So may not be here until Saturday. Oh and those clips will be for sale at my downtown store. It is just the beginning of getting
my inventory going. Have a fantastic day, or night which
ever it is for ya!


steve said...

wow, i love this. i happened to stumble upon your blog accidentally by clicking the "next" button on top of a friend's blogger page. i love a lot of the stuff on this blog, you are very creative!

Christina said...

Hey, thanks for your accidental visit steve! Happy accidents are the best kind to have, LOL!