Monday, February 25, 2013

My Two Favorite Teas- Tazo and PG Tips

      There is nothing like an afternoon cup of tea. The British have a tea time and so do I. My tea time is always around 2:00 in the afternoon. This is the time of day that I start to fade. I am a morning person- early bird gets the worm- sort of girl. I generally can not sleep past 7:00 AM so by 2:00 I have been working seven hours and really need a pick me up.

     I had an amazing coupon for Tazo Tea and decided to take a risk on the Cucumber White flavor. Oh my goodness it is good. It is a little minty, yet crisp with a hint of citrus. Dare I say like being at the spa? This is my new favorite herbal tea.

     Black tea is one of my comfort foods. My mom used to give it to us when we were sick. Always with cream and sugar. My favorite black tea is PG Tips. I find it less bitter than the American Lipton tea. It is sometimes hard to find in the States but we have a Cost Plus- World Market in my town so I can always find it there. 

    I hope that you will give them a try and pour a cup around 2:00 so we can enjoy tea time together. 


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