Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Etsy Addiction

I used to sell on If you don't know what Etsy is you need to click on the link and see what you have been missing out on for the last several years. Especially if you are one of those gals that loves to shop. Besides Facebook, and now my blog, Etsy is the only other website that I go to every day. Now, I don't buy something every day, but I do look and find things that I love and then add them to my  Favorites Page. And when I feel like I have some extra money and want to treat myself I will go to that page and buy something. I also love to buy gifts, party supplies, jewelry, bags or purses, funny stuff, art work, and vintage supplies for my crafting projects.

I have been called a hippie, bohemian, eco-friendly kind of girl. And I would agree with that to an extent. One of  the main reasons I love Etsy is that you can buy from the individual and know who your money is going to. Or you can buy from a small boutique that is just getting started.  For some reason I feel better giving my money to the underdog instead of the huge corporations. It is sort of a buy local sort of feeling over there. I have gotten to know many buyers and sellers and have made friends on Etsy too.

My most recent purchases are as follows:

Horse tags for Mia's 9th birthday party- I am making her invitations and putting together some cute favor bags                      using these.
School Messenger Bag for Claire- Her bag just ripped apart the other day and she picked this one out. It was cheaper than buying a backpack and really well made, and according to her much cooler. Love that my kids want to be fashion forward, LOL
Antiqued lace paper pieces for crafting- I will share what I do with these once I use them. Right now I am working on a collage using a piece of this.
My favorite earrings- I love these earrings. If you see me out and about I will most likely be wearing these.
My latest purchase- She custom made a pair of these for me with a silver ear piece. I don't wear gold usually. Custom ordering is another fabulous option on Etsy. You just send the seller a message and ask if they can make your idea come to fruition. I have never had a seller say no. Oh and I have to link to How I found these Earrings in the first place. Another favorite blog I like to visit. Especially if I am looking for a yummy recipe.

So there is a good sampling of what you can buy. And if you take a gander over to the right of my blog you will see the last 4 items I have added to my favorites. Go and look around. You can pretty much buy anything you want over there and have fun doing it. Can't beat sitting in your jammies with a mug of hot coffee with the Today show on and shopping all by yourself instead of in a crowded store.



Anonymous said...

That reminds me, I need to order these:

The great thing about Etsy is that most international sellers will ship to China! Whether the package will arrive is another issue altogether.

Christina said...

Those are some great clogs Kiley! I love the patent leather ones too. Won't it be great to be back in the States and be able to count on your package arriving 99% of the time? LOL