Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Joy and Fashion of Running

After yesterdays post I thought I would share my latest purchase with you.

These are the running shoes I have on order. Originally $100.00 on, but I found them for $85.95 with free shipping at I love me a good bargain! Even if it is only $14.00 saved, that is $14.00 I can use for something else. Seems silly to be excited about new running shoes but I can not wait until they arrive! These are the same shoes I have been running in but the updated version. I highly recommend them. I tend to get plantar (bottom of the foot) pain and these babies are so cushiony soft that it is like running on clouds. Okay, maybe that is exaggerating a bit, but really- I love them. And the color....well, what more could a girlie girl want- pink, black and white. No brainer right? I have learned that you can find some cute outfits to run in too.

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