Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take a Peek Into My New Art Studio

I know, I know, it is so crammed full of fun stuff that it doesn't look new, but it is. In our old house I did not really have my own space. In fact, I pretty much worked at the kitchen table and we ate at the coffee table in the living room. Our old cottage was only about 800 sq. ft. so when the opportunity came to move I was all over it. I really wanted this new house because of the extra space for my art stuff and the additional bathroom. What more can a girl ask for?

This cottage is about 1000 sq. feet. Not much bigger, but it is definitely obvious to me that it is. We took everything down to the studs, but did not move any walls really. Opened up some doors that had been closed and just resurfaced everything on a limited budget. (Thanks to my parents, they are so generous, there is not enough thanks in the world to thank them.) Oh, and thanks to mom I got the lovely sewing table from France for mothers day. How lucky am I? The shelf above is hanging to the right of my table. Lots of little buckets for working supplies like scissors, adhesives. All in easy reach. Some vintage trims also.

By the way, we now dine at the dining room table where I actually provide meals for my family from my nice, big remodeled kitchen:

To the left of my table is lots of storage for stamps, ink pads, punches etc. I have not decided what to hang on the wall yet. Do I need more storage or just some pretties? I do watch/listen to TV or a movie sometimes while creating. I also love books on tape and my itunes blasting funky music.

On the left wall sort of behind me is my hubbies work station. Actually, I am on that computer right now. This is where I blog and do all my image editing and check out your blogs. I think I use this computer more than he does. His is all for Quick Books and sitting while filing the dreaded bills.

The blue shelf was salvaged from a thrift store and hung over my desk. All my ribbons and buttons are within easy access there. And no, I did not clean up before taking these pictures. I have no shame.

The orange shelf is full of ready to be altered stuff. Old books, and misc. I also have my papers, embellishments, alpha stickers, old envelopes,and sheet music here. That hallway to the left of it goes to the girls room, to the right is my "extra" bathroom that I did not have in the old cottage. This has saved many fights over who gets to use the tiolet first. LOL
The little white computer desk is the where the girls play webkins and barbie girl.
So there is your little peek into my studio. I also was given the beautiful cork flooring by some friends of my parents that had just enough left over from their remodel to fit into my room. Imagine my happiness! We have so many generous people in our lives. What a blessing.
Now you can picture me creating and typing in this little space. I love how it just works and all my loverlies are out where I can see them finally.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
Gotta love those cork floors. Do you know what kind they are?
You'll love walking on them, and they'll keep you healthier. You can also feel good about helping out our planet, and the Montado forests in Portugal. Thanks for blogging about it.
Team Wicanders

Lori McDonough said...

Christina...i'm so happy to have a peek into your creative space! I'm happy you have a place to call your own now. I'll be expecting big things from you now, girl!!! :-)

High Desert Diva said...

This is a very well organized space! Lucky you getting the left over cork flooring, too!