Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RIP 39

When I first saw this my mind read it as R.I.P. (REST IN PEACE) 39. And the sad thing is is that today- Oct. 7th is my 39th birthday. I actually do not feel like I am slowly dying. LOL I am looking forward to my 40's believe it or not. I truly feel that age and maturity have brought a wonderful perspective to who I am and what is important. If it wasn't for the extra pounds I am carrying right now I would not feel 39 either.
I will not be 39 and holding, I will be celebrating in a big way next year with my BFF as we both ring in 40 and enjoy the perspective of middle age.

So happy birthday to me and cheers to all the women that are proud to be 39 or older. The women that see each new wrinkle as earned. The women that do not feel the need to hide their age with facelifts, liposuction or boob jobs. The women that love themselves inside and out at 39!

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