Thursday, October 23, 2008

Loving The Leaves

Loving them so much that I decided to bring them inside and make a garland out of them. It turned out so pretty that I made 3 of them. Of course they are starting to shrivel a bit now, but it was worth the few days I got out of them.

The colors are glorious right now, and the air is crisp and clean smelling. It is funny that I enjoy fall so much but it is the time of year that I also tend to get a bit of a depression started. Someone mentioned Seasonal Affected Disorder- which is probably the source for me. I decided to try going to the tanning bed atleast once a week and seeing if that helps. No, I am not planning on getting a tan, but getting the light and the vitamin D in my system. HOpefully it works. The up side of the depression is that I have been glued to my work table creating away. Funny how it has stirred the creative juices a bit.

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