Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crafty Little Slumber Party

So Mia has been begging me for a slumber party. She really wanted to have just 3 friends spend the night and go see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". Well, as you can see, I gave in. She had her 3 1st grade friends, and Claire had one friend. And yes, they are all on my bed. And yes, they slept there all night while I slept on the couch. LOL It was the only way to get them to sleep without someone being scared, or upset that they weren't sleeping next to who they wanted to. It was so funny to listen to them play, and interact. Loved it, but do not want to have another one any time soon. Lets just say that I slept 11 hours the next night and still felt tired. LOL

I went to this site and we made these super cute and easy ghosts and we also made the spooky paper bag trees. It was perfectly messy and fun. A great halloween craft for the kiddos. I will definitely use this site again. It has some great ideas for crafts for kids.

Are you ready for Halloween? We aren't, but our house is decorated like we are.


DreamgirlLisa said...

Enjoy them while they are little! I have two girls as well, but they are now 13 & 17. I just gave a sleepover for my 13 year old on Saturday night. It gets easier as they get older, they don't even want you near them:) Sadly, this may be the last year she wants a sleepover. I've had at least 10 sleepovers over the years, and I've come to love them. It's great to see the girls interact and have so much fun.

Christina said...

I know, I am totally drinking in every moment right now. Thanks for your comment.