Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

First, the girls started back to school. Here is a picture on the way out the door. Notice the purple house with pink trim? Not much longer until a new color will be painted on those shingles.
A few pictures of the hoola hoop craze that has been going on in our house. Nanny got them for the girls and they are practicing like maniacs. Notice the super cute skirts that are the perfect twirliness for any occasion.

Then we celebrated Claire's 8th birthday. I can't believe it myself. She is such a wonderful girl.
And my latest malady has been a terrible, no good, sucky cold that has been lingering for 10 days now. I am almost ready to go to the doctor, but not quite. So I have been laying around reading library books in bed. Here is my set up right now. Lots of design books, garden ideas, and digital photo how-to books.
My Mom and Paul both are concerned that I get sick quite a bit so I have added some new fun stuff to swallow twice daily for two weeks in order to cleanse the toxins out of my body. I believe I swallowed atleast 10 pills last night before bed! Whaaattt??? I know it sounds crazy, but it is worth a try. I have also added two tablespoons of probiotics to my diet after breakfast and dinner. My only worry is that I may now get some acid reflux from all of it, LOL. Sheesh............Oh wait, did I mention that I also take an anti-depressant and a multivitamin daily? I swear I am a walking pharmacy. What do you need? I can send you some................

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