Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dream #6- First Trip to Disneyland

I have been dreaming about taking the girls to disneyland every since they were babies. We would talk about it every year and it just never fit into the plans until now. It was sort of a last minute decision that ended up being a fabulous vacation for all of us. We had such wonderful time. We took my 12 year old niece with us and she was delightful and helpful too. My two had never been and she had not been since she was 5. Paul and I were there about 15 years ago so alot has changed since then. We had 3 wonderful, funfilled days in the land of magic and fantasy. I really feel like we got in everything we really wanted to do. Here are a few pictures of the fun.

My 6 year old is totally addicted to cotton candy. She ate this whole thing by herself! Except for the ONE bite that she let her sister have for the picture. LOL


ricracsally said...

Congratulations!! Disneyland is my best favorite place EVER (I'm a CA girl relocated to the midwest...). I bet you had just the best time. It's one of those places that even grown up all those years later you never forget--it's just sorta magical that way :)

Lori said...

It really is the most magical place on earth, isn't it?