Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dream #5- Flower of the Month Club

Every Thursday when I walk into my 'real' job there are two fresh bouquets of flowers waiting to be arranged for our two mammography rooms. The girls get them on Wednesday and leave them for me to arrange as they know I love to do it and they have pretty muched said they don't really know how. Needless to say, I do look forward to doing it. There is something so satisfying about taking a plain looking bouquet and making it look pretty in a vase. It really does make me happy and I truly appreciate that those I work with understand this.

So I got to thinking today that some day when the finances allow I will join a Flower of the Month Club. Just look at those gorgeous flowers that I could have fresh on my doorstep once a month to arrange and smell and thouroughly enjoy on my studio table. I would also buy fresh flowers from our farmers market every Wednesday afternoon to indulge to the fullest. I used to do this when I was single in my tiny little apartment near San Francisco. Something about flowers can just lift my spirit and change my mood.

Is there some sort of eye candy that you wish you could indulge in? Tell me about it. I would love to hear.


Lori said...

C-Oh my gosh, i totally agree! There is nothing more lovely than a handpicked bouquet from the Farmer's Market. There's something indulgent about it. Walking around the market with long stalks of sunflowers or daisies. I can't wait for ours to open! I also LOVE the giant pale pink peonies that grow in my backyard. They only bloom for about 2 weeks in late May - early June, but they are glorious! I put them all over my house. I feel very extravagant when there are fresh flowers on my bedside table. I want to join the club, too! :-) TGIF! Lori

Anonymous said...

That sounds about perfect, right there. The Flower of the Month Club.... There are always pretty flowers at this grocery store out here called Ukrop's but it's a drive.... As far as eye candy goes, their bakery comes to mind but it's not just doughnuts there, it's petit fours and beautiful cakes that beg to be painted (before eaten). I need to go out there and take pictures sometime!

How's your Bruno? Give him a hug for me!

The Nostalgic Nugget said...

eye candy for me would be a clean house and weekly fresh flowers in bright colors. I cleaned multi million dollar homes for over 10 years..and was obviously good at it..but I don't enjoy cleaning my own for free. I would pay to have my house scrubbed weekly...a clean house....with 2 at home working people, 5 cats and 4 kids...eye candy. PS, hope you are feeling better!