Thursday, March 20, 2008

Artful Blogging

So this is what I have been reading while on my breaks at work. It is so gorgeous and being new to blogging I thought it would be fun to get some insider information and learn a little bit about some other bloggers that are artists also. Thought I would share it here today in case any of my other blogger friends were interested in a good read and pretty pictures.

I love a good creative magazine. I subscribe to Somerset Studio and always end up buying other Somerset publications. I also get Vanity Fair that my best friend got me as a little surprise gift after our Europe trip. I did not know much about this magazine until I was stuck in our apartment in Florence, Italy sick as a dog and that was one of the mags from the plane that we pilfered. It not only has great fashion editorials, but I also really enjoy the articles. I read it from cover to cover every month. I also get Cottage Living and my mom shares Country Living with me. Those two are great for ideas for the home. And being that I live in a cottage it gives me ideas for my tiny home. The other magazine I like is 'O'. I don't subscribe to it but I have been known to buy it once in a while at the grocery store. A few others I enjoy- Dwell, Domino, and Real Simple.

Now if you want to meet a magazine hoard (sometimes I call her a magazine Ho, lol) you need to meet my bestest friend since 6th grade that gifted me the Vanity Fair. She has stacks of magazines all over the house. I could hole up in her house for days and not finish all the magazines she subscribes to. LOL She is a magazine expert actually and could probably tell you the best ones and the cheapest way to get them. Now that is a funny little quirk about her. Got to love it.

Not much in the way of creating today due to the "real job", but I do have a great quote for you to ponder-

"Slow down and enjoy life. Its not only the scenery you miss by going too fast- you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." Eddie Cantor

This seems more crucial as I get older and the years are flying by more quickly. My dad is 74 years old and he says that a year feels like a month to him now. So put it all in perspective, taste what you are eating, smell what you are breathing, and love those that are in front of you.


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Lori said...

Christina...I love home decor magazines, too! I also love Country Living & Cottage Living, too. I also ADORE Home Companion. They spotlight creative artists and their studios each month. I never throw away any of them and whenever i need to recharge my creative batteries, i just leaf through some old issues. I am definitely going to try to get my hands on Artful Blogging. It might be too late to get this issue, but i can't wait to see the next one. Thanks for the tip! Lori