Monday, February 4, 2008

Now Showing At the Blue Moon Market Place

This morning was my meeting with the owner and the general manager of the new market place going in downtown next to the post office. They were very excited about my stuff and I got all sorts of compliments. I still get surprised by compliments. Isn't that weird? Especially if they come from someone that is not a family member or friend. I guess because they don't know me? I am not sure. I love what I do, but I don't know who else will. Well, they really want me in there and so I said YES! They also said I better get busy as my items will probably sell fast! Woo Hooo I hope they are right! This has been such a 10 day whirlwind for me. I feel very excited about my designs being sold online and then getting to have them in my own little booth/shop. I seriously have not had a good nights sleep in 10 days. Unless you count the one night I finally gave in to the Tylenol PM, LOL. That on my husbands insistence that I really needed some sleep already! Sheesh, I could have come up with some more ideas that night! LOL

So, the weather outside is frightful. Perfect for staying inside and crafting up some good designs. I have a list of different items to make. Take a look above at the pictures outside our little cottage yesterday. Can you say.........."I am sick of shoveling snow and then having the snow plow come by and throw it back up on the sidewalk! UGH!" It makes no sense, you get a fine if your walkway is not clear, yet the city comes by throws more snow on it. Whaaaat????

Okay, off to make dinner for the kiddos. Not sure what we are having until I look in the cupboard. Wish me luck on that!

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